MANHATTAN RARITIES.....something different!
Right Side

Here are some Manhattans Rarities!!!
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These guns have features or oddities that make them special to me.
They may not have great value and you may have to be a true Manhattan Collector to appreciate them.
But I have a new camera and I felt the need to take pictures of something!
This is an original Manhattan cardboard shipping box.
There are almost no Manhattan printed materials of any kind I have ever
seen, outside of these boxes. They are also very rare. Some I have seen,
come with a small wooden ammo block with holes drilled in it.

Manhattan First Model Pocket
With Target Sights
Left Side
Barrel Address
Front Sight
"Lollipop" Style Rear Sight
.31 cal. 1st Model Pocket Target Pistol

Manhattan Navy Series III
.38 Caliber Cartridge Conversion
Manhattan Navy Series III
Face plate and cylinder
Rimmed cartridge chambers
with alignment hole
Cylinder closeup
Notches cut in grips
Two piece cylinder
Alignment pin in face

Manhattan First Model Pocket
.32 Caliber Cartridge Conversion
Notches cut in grips
Modified Hammer
Manhattan First Model Pocket
Back of cylinder
Front of cylinder

Manhattan Barhammers  SN#302

Waldo Nutter in his book "Manhattan Firearms" shows just one model of Barhammer pistols.
But I think that he should have had two models. There are distinctly two sizes of frames each
with their own serial numbers range. Large frames are all .36 caliber and small frames are all
.30 caliber.  Here are the two size frames both with the same serial number # 302.
Manhattan Barhammers both SN #302
Right Hand View
serial number #302 stamped on
frame under the grips.
Manhattan exported many Navy Models to England. These guns required Government approval
and need to be proofed and proof marks added. Shown above are the London Proof House
markings. They consist of a Crown over the letter V and also a Crown over the letters GP.
Besides both the markings on the barrel, each cylinder stop had one marking.
Manhattan Barhammers both SN #302
Left Hand View
(note the broken trigger guard on the small

Manhattan Navy British Proof Marks
All Navy models exported by Manhattan to England where proofed in London. But if an Individual
returned to England with a personal gun, It would sometimes be proofed at the Birmingham Proof
House. Above is an example of the Birmingham proof mark.

Manhattan Ammunition
Manhattan Barhammer Single Shot Serial # 1
If Barhammers were the first model made then
this would be the first ever Manahttan made?
Speaks for itself.

The First Manhattan
Rare Cartridge packet for Manhattan Navy.
Notice that it is for a 5 shot pistol.
If you see any ammunition like this for sale
email me immediately. I will be your friend

Manhattan Relics

The collecting of relics is a whole collecting category by itself.  The detectorists that spend
thousands of hours metal detecting and then finding a treasure is amazing to me.  
Unfortunately, then they keep these pieces instead of selling them!!

How rare is a Manhattan Relic?  I don't own one after looking for 30+ years. I have seen very few,
none for sale.  In a recent email from "Ironman", he found a disassembled Manhattan Navy
spread over a fifty foot area. It took months to find all the individual pieces as well as a few indian
trinkets. Maybe the Indian who was trying to put it together just gave up and threw the pieces
around in frustration. Well thanks to Ironman, here is a photo of a great Manhattan Relic.

Manhattan First Model .22
Cardboard Box
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Manhattan Letterhead (rare!!)
Anything printed Manhattan is very rare. In 35 years this is the only
piece I have seen from Manhattan Fire Arms Company

Manhattan 4 1/2" barrels
The 4 1/2" barrels maybe as rare in Manhattan Navy Models as the 6" barrels are in the
Series I Navys. I have seen photos of these in all the series now. Here are photos of a series
one with the rare 4 1/2" barrel. Note that the 4 1/2" barrels have the "bead" front sight.

Thanks to my friend Lewis for sharing this.

New York Barrel Address

Serial number # 2259

Note the "Bead" front sight

Series I with a 4 1/2" barrel