Ist Model Navy's
2nd Model Navy's
3rd Model Navy's
4th Model Navy's
5th Model Navy's
1st Model Pockets
2nd Model Pockets
London  Pistol Company
Cased Navys
Cased Navys
Manhattan Bullet Molds
Limited Edition Nutter Book & Papers
Manhattan Navy Ivories
Matched Pair shown in Nutter's Book
3 Shot Pepperboxes
5 Shot Pepperboxes
6 Shot Pepperboxes
Manhattan Barhammers
Shotgun Hammer
Hero Models
1st Model 22's
More 1st Model 22's
2nd Model 22's
American Standard Tool Co.  22's

This is my collection shown at
the 2006 Grand Junction,
Colorado Gun Show.

I was asked many times, which ones
were the Manhattans.
Every gun on this table is a  

I have collected Manhattans for
30+ years...and counting.

My wife thinks the only wrong with
these pictures is that there is no
"for sale" tags on all of them.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me
using the contact form at the bottom of my home page.