The Manhattan Navy of Norm Flayderman

The Manhattan Navy of Norm Flayderman
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Manhattan Navy SN# 18435 is a Series III Manhattan Navy manufactured circa 1861 at the start of the Civil War.  This Manhattan
is one of the most documented Manhattan revolvers and was owned by Norm Flayderman, firearms dealer and noted author.
It is seen in his books "Norm Flayderman's guide to Antique American Firearms" and "The Bowie Knife book".
This revolver was also shown on the cover of "Man at Arms" magazine.

This Manhattan is a fully factory engraved .36 caliber Series III Navy Model with a 6 1/2" barrel.  The engraving is the full coverage
factory style.  It has original carved ivory grips with an American eagle motif.  This is a presentation grade Manhattan revolver likely
given to a Civil War officer.  Norm Flayderman was the premier dealer of American Antique firearms for over a half of a century.  
Among Norm's many noted deals was his selling of the famed Waldo Nutter Manhattan collection.

I have had several opportunities through the years to talk to Norm and am proud to have ended up owning this extremely fine
condition and rare Manhattan Navy. It's my new favorite.   Here are some photos to enjoy.
Manhattan Navy Series III
Serial Number 18435
Manhattan Navy Series III
Serial Number 18435
Original Ivory Grips
Newark, NJ
barrel address
"Man at Arms"
Volume 26, number 3
"Norm Flayderman's Guide to Antique
American Firearms" as shown in
the chapter on Manhattan.